Meitei mayek Digit Recognition using Neural networks

21 Aug

The Meitei Mayek :

Meitei Mayek (Manipuri script) is the script of Manipuris, also called Meeteilon , Meiteiron and Meithei  in linguistic literature, is the official language of the State of Manipur, India and is primarily spoken in the valley region of the State. It is the mother tongue i.e., the first language of the ethnic group Meitei.

Manipuri is a tonal language of Tibeto-Burman language family. This script contains Iyek Ipee/Mapung Iyek, which have 27 alphabets (18 original plus 9 letters called Lom Iyek, derived from original 18 alphabets), Lonsum Iyek (8 letters), Cheitek Iyek (8 symbols), Khudam Iyek (3 symbols), Cheishing Iyek (10 numeral figures). In addition to these there are 6 vowel letters. The basic character may appear only as the main character of a word and it may be modified using one of the extended symbols (vowel modifiers) to produce the required vocal sound. All the original figures of the Manipuri alphabets are drawn, winded and wreathed from human anatomy and accordingly, the alphabetical names are the names of the different parts of the same where the characters are winded and drawn from . To the best of our knowledge, research in Manipuri script recognition has not yet been widely introduced to the research community while much research on other scripts of different languages has been published and introduced internationally. A survey of Indian script recognition can be found in the literature .

The meitei mayek recognition or a meitei mayek OCR is the ultimate goal of our project but as the saying goes ” A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step “.  and currently we are working only on the digits and we have made some remarkable progress .


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